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    In my former message, i completely forget to talk to you about a second rendering problem:

    Here’s an excerpt of the title page of my epub:

    <p class="Title"><strong class="bold-ital"><br/> <img alt="Logo" src="../img/logo.png"/><br/></strong></p>
      <p class="Title"><span style="font-weight: bold;">A FANCY TITLE</span><br/></p>
      <p class="Author">The Future Stephen King<br/></p>
      <div class="EditorLogo">
        <img alt="Editor" src="../Images/editor.jpeg"/><br/>

    What BookReader does? Not only it doesn’t center where it should, but it – SPLITS – my title page in two! Whaaaat?

    All other readers i tried display this page as one…

    Is it the <div></div> that confuses it? ok i try to replace “div” by “p”… Result: nothing! my title page is still splitted in two… Whatever size of the fonts i choose in the ‘Font’ menu, the result is the same…

    I hope you will correct these two problems, because otherwise reading with BookReader is really a pleasure. The presentation and interface are good, i appreciate the in particular the “sepia” color in background which is really relaxing for the eye…

    Friendly yours,

    in reply to: BIG PROBLEM: Headers and images will NOT CENTRE #336

    (i already posted this message, but it suddenly disappeared!?)

    Hello and greetings!

    I have this problem too: BookReader is the only reading app i know which doesn’t respect the “center” html command.

    I edited my own epub with Sigil and tried:

    1°) <p><span style="text-align: center;">blablabla</span></p>

    added in the text itself at first, then i deleted this and try to:

    2°) put text-align: center; in the css, creating a new style…

    3°) Then i tried to insert a basic <center>blablabla</center> in the text…

    And nothing have worked! With BookReader, everything is aligned to the left (or justified), but nothing can be centered, whatever i try…

    I tried the same with other readers apps for Mac: Everything is OK and shows exactly as i want, the lines that have to be centered are centered, the paragraphs which have to be justified are so, etc…

    So i decided to don’t buy BookReader until the problem is solved.

    – Side note: It doesn’t detect that the .epub file have changed, each time i wanna test the changes made to my ebook i have to delete it from the bookshelf, i would like to suggest that your app should have a “test mode” or “developer mode” which detects all the changes made to a book in real time.

    Friendly yours,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)