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    Graphics are not rendered properly.
    As mentioned earlier, the title page of the book was squished.

    Now looking at the interior graphics in the book, the background is not rendered correctly. The white background should disappear. But it doesn’t
    Unfortunately, I can’t post the image because it is in a book, not on the internet.
    If I had your email, I could send it by email.

    Probably the image is a .png or .bmp or some format with a transparent background.
    But your ereader renders it white, which ruins the look and feel.

    Again, ibooks and Adobe Digital Editions gets it right.
    Calibre also gets it wrong.

    Why the lack of refinement in developing ebook readers?

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    This happens with some fixed-layout books that are formatted for a specific devices only. There is nothing to do with that, unfortunately. This is up to the publisher to target the books formatting.

    Anyway, please send me a screenshot (or better the book) at and I will try to help you better.

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